Yacyreta The work is an example for analyzing social, political and economic history of argentina. Its construction started thinking in 1958, after forty years of Yacyreta, a responsible end. By Oscar Thomas.estudios of the most suitable for implementation. To take into account the waterfalls of Iguazu.

Of taking different decisions, almost opposite in successive Argentine governments to address the issue, we conducted countless and fruitless meetings with high-level pairs of Paraguay and the representatives of Brazil to agree to the heights of leveling of the respective dams , Itaipu and Yacyreta.

The consultants who made the preliminary studies presented several alternatives, which subsequently had to be modified.

Only one third during the presidency of Juan Domingo Perón signed the final agreement with Paraguay for the hydroelectric.

The situation in the country meant going back to talk about it only during the military government. Between 1976 and 1983 set the final project was tendered and the main contracts. There were long delays because, among other things, the Falklands War, which caused financial problems.

In 1983 he began the major work and was completed in 1998, while allowing free improvisation to the planning and execution of additional works.

The term "works" does not say anything to the unwary reader, but its meaning becomes more explicit when it is mentioned that these works involve the relocation of a considerable number of families and the protection of five cities located on the edge of the Paraná River, distant Some of them, in more than 80 kilometers from the site of the dam.

Changes in levels also imply the need to build bridges and roads, ports, public buildings such as hospitals and schools, as well as rebuilding the infrastructure affected by rising water level. In addition to responding to the latest technical knowledge, research and technology to prevent damage to the ecosystem, which contracted specialized institutions in each of these topics.

At first, it was felt the physical impact of its reservoir, but is not balanced and the tremendous social impact on cities. And, worse still, during the heyday of construction during the Menem administration, the decision was made to underfunded the project with the goal of "privatizing" and was stigmatized with the nickname of the "monument to corruption", in sealing then the stay of an integration project and causing major economic and social liabilities that must now repay.

In this context, President Kirchner, on assuming his office, took the political decision to conclude the project, in agreement with President Duarte Frutos of Paraguay.

While, as explained in a note to the nation of 5 of the current, have been completed eight years ago the civil works of the dam, installation of the turbines and their operation, the remaining works that make up today Termination of the Plan Yacyreta, which-by the decision of the current Argentine government with adequate funding for their completion.

These works are absolutely essential for the relocation of 17,000 families, identified through surveys on both sides of the enterprise, which involves a significant property of Argentina and Paraguay.

Even being projected outside of time and thus works to protect coastal cities-new tracks from sewage systems and drinking water, the resolution of the replacement of affected roads and bridges that connect the towns and cities in each room each other in an area riddled with waterways (rivers and streams) - now facing Yacyreta social responsibility and commitment to the goal of reaching the final conclusion of the project in an orderly and planned in detail by the end of 2008.

Termination Yacyreta will be complete only when it complies with the social debt that none of the previous administrations contemplated as obligations of the state with its people.

The filling of the dam height to 83 can not be done automatically, as they open a tap and fill a container, because this need to develop commitment to the people, which demands full respect for their rights, as befits a democratic context.

Nicanor Duarte Frutos the presidents Néstor Kirchner and are committed to the completion of Yacyreta in a context of administrative transparency and efficiency essential for the full generation of energy.

You must close a chapter in our history, which prevailed antinomies and lack of credibility in public institutions.

Yacyreta be completed with the participation of the people, municipalities, provincial governments and departments. This is the belief that, with well-directed work every day, you can.

The author is an architect, executive director Yacyreta.

Published in the Diario La Nacion (19-10-2006)


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